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General information about the Bernerhof Inn and things happening in our area.

North Conway, NH, picked as Favorite Destination Village

As you have already likely read, since everyone is talking about it, North Conway, New Hampshire was voted the Favorite Destination around 600 of the readers of Snoweast Magazine that voted!   Of course we were thrilled to hear this, but alas, it was no secret for those who make this place home!

Being close to nearly a dozen downhill and cross country ski resorts and the wide array of activities, attractions, restaurants and shopping that this area has to offer, why wouldn’t it be picked number one!?

One of the other categories voted on by the readers was their favorite ski area.  Since we can get to 4 or 5 states pretty quickly in New England, they separated them by state.  For the North Conway and Jackson, New Hampshire areas, we were most interested in Maine and New Hampshire.

Maine’s favorite ski areas were, in order, Sugarloaf, Sunday River and Saddleback.  New Hampshire’s were Bretton Woods, Wildcat and Cannon.

It truly is a privilege to receive this kind of national recognition. For our awesome Bed and Breakfast, we have been receiving rave reviews from patrons and even an award here and there for the quality and service we provide.  We intend on maintaining this level of excellence and hope to garner some additional national recognition ourselves!

Special Thanks to Christene Newton of Badger Realty for that Great Photo!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Bernerhof Inn

We know you will have many questions about your stay at the Bernerhof Inn, just a few miles from North Conway, NH.  We want to make your  romantic getaway in the White Mountains as easy as possible, so we’ve attempted to answer as many of your questions here as possible.  Let us know if there was a question you had that we might add to our list.

Who are the innkeepers?
Melissa Leonard and Leonard Magliocca are the innkeepers at the Bernerhof.  Their history in hospitality, love of people and commitment to quality innkeeping will ensure your comfortable stay at the Bernerhof.

What time can I check in?
Your  room will be ready by 4:00 pm.  If you would like an early check-in, please ask when you make your reservation and we will try to accommodate you. We strive to greet you when you arrive so that we can welcome you, tour the inn, and show you to your suite. If you know you will arrive after 7:00 pm, a “Late Arrival

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Breakfast at the Bernerhof- Delish!

North Conway NH LodgingJust because we know that no day starts without a steaming cup o’ Joe, your breakfast experience will begin early when coffee and tea are set on the buffet starting at 7:00 am.  We encourage you to help yourself.

Next, anytime between 8:00-9:30am, join us in the welcoming dining room for a hearty and healthy breakfast.  Tables for two and four are situated so guests can choose to either be private and alone or mingle and meet other guests.  Breakfast includes an array of juices and fresh fruit, homemade goodies and a different hot entrée daily.  You will enjoy both sweet and savory entrees as we vary our recipes to meet the tastes of our guests.

Do you have a special Bernerhof recipe or a special request for breakfast?  Please let us know!  We’ll do the best we can to accommodate your requests and any special dietary needs you share with us.  Need a candle and “happy birthday

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Enjoy All that the Mt. Washington Valley Offers!

Boasting the motto of ‘Anything is Possible,’ Mt. Washington Valley, NH has become a year round vacation destination for those seeking all things fun. With 800,000 acres of National Forest, dozens of attractions, 13 alpine and cross country ski areas, 10 golf courses, scenic rides by train, car, boat, and more and over 200 restaurants and lodging properties to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless in Mt. Washington Valley. Don’t believe us? Below is an alphabetical listing of just a few of the possibilities Mt. Washington Valley has to offer you.

A: Alpine Skiing, Alpine Slide, Animal Sightings, Antiques, Appalachian Trail, Apple Picking, Après Ski, Arcades, Arial Lifts, Art & Art Galleries, Art-A-Ron-Dack Competitions, Artisan Shows, Assents, Attractions, Auto Roads

B: Backcountry Skiing, Backpacking, Bakeries, Bar Hopping & Brewery Tours, Bargain Hunting, BBQ’s, Bed & Breakfasts, Biking, Billiards, Bird Watching, Blueberry Picking, Boating, Bonfires, Boutiques, Bowling, Bushwhacking, Business Expositions

C: Camping, Campgrounds, Candy Counters, Canoeing, Canopy Tours, Car Shows, Carriage Rides, Carving Pumpkins, Cascades, Cave Exploring, Celebrations, Chili Competitions, Chocolate Making & Tours, Christmas Tree Decorating and Cutting, Cider Making, Cigar Shops, Cinemas, Climbing, Cocktails, Coffee Houses, Comedy Shows, Concerts, Condos, Cooking Classes, Corn Maize’s, Cottages, Covered Bridges, Craft Fairs, Cycling

D: Dancing, Darts, Daydreaming, Deli’s, Dining, Dog Shows, Dog Sledding

E: Easy Adventure, Eating & Eateries, Eloping, Entertainment, Event Going, Exercising

F: Fairs, Family Friendly Restaurants, Family Reunions, Farming, Farmers Markets & Farm Tours, Festivals, Fine Dining, Fireworks, Fishing, Fitness Centers, Floating Down the River, Fly Fishing, Flying, Foliage Peeping, Fondue

G: Garage Sales, Gardening, Geocashing, Getaways, Gifts, Golf, Gondola Rides, Gorges, Guided Tours

H: Harvest to Holiday Shopping Promotions, Harvesting, Haunted Houses & Rides, Haying, Hayrides, Health Spas, Helicopter Rides, High Rope Adventures, Hiking, Historic Sites, Honeymooning, Horseback Riding, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Hot Cocoa Drinking, Hotels, Hunting

I: Ice Carving, Ice Climbing, Ice Cream Shops, Ice Fishing, Ice Harvesting, Ice Skating, Indoor Skating, Inline Skating, Inns, International Foods & Restaurants

J: Jazz & Blues, Jibbing, Jonquils, Joyriding

K: Karaoke, Kayaking, Kite Flying

L: Landmarks, Leaf Peeping, Learning Centers, Letterboxing, Libraries, Live Music Venues, Lodging, Lounging

M: Maple Sugaring, Massages, Mini Golf, Moose Tours, Motels, Motorcycling, Mountain Biking, Mountain Ranges, Mountaineering, Mud Football, Museums

N: National Forests, Nature Walks, Night Skies, Night Skiing, Night Tubing

O: Observatory, Open-air Dining, Open Mic Nights, Orchestras, Orienteering, Outdoor Exploring, Outlet Stores, Overnight Trips

P: Parades, Parks, Peaks, Pet Friendly Events & Lodging, Picnics, Pizzerias, Playgrounds, Pond Skimming, Pony Rides, Pubs

Q: Quaint Villages, Quality Time with the Family or Quiet Time Alone, Queen Anne’s Lace

R: Race Events, Rafting, Rallies, Reading Nooks, Recreational Areas, Repelling, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Rental Equipment for all Activities, Rides, Rivers, Rock Climbing, Romantic Getaways

S: Sailing, Sales, Scarecrow Contests, Scenic Rides, Shows, Sightseeing, Singing, Skating, Skiing, Sledding, Sleigh Rides, Snowboarding, Snowman Making, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Souvenirs, Spas, Stargazing, Strawberry Picking, Summits, Sunbathing, Swimming & Swimming Holes

T: Tax-Free Shopping, Telemark Skiing, Tennis, Theatres, Theme Parks, Torchlight Parades, Touring, Toys for kids of all ages, Trails, Tram, Train Rides, Trekking, Tubing

U: Unaltered Terrain, Untracked Snow

V: Vacations, Valleys, Verandas, Vertical Descents, Views, Villages, Vistas, Volunteering

W: Wakeboarding, Walking Paths, Waterfalls, Water Parks, Water Skiing, Water Sports, Weather Discovery, Weddings, Wilderness, Wildlife, Windsurfing, Wine Making & Tasting

X: X-Country Skiing, X-treme Adventure

Y: Yoga, Youth Camps, Yurts

Z: Ziplines, Zumba

Now that you know your Mt. Washington Valley ABC’s, find out more at Need help planning your budget friendly vacation? Give us a call at 1-877-389-4852, we are happy to offer suggestions on how to get the most fun the Mt. Washington Valley as to offer!

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Enjoy Art and Culture in Mt. Washington Valley

From art to theater to live music, Mt Washington Valley offers plenty of cultural, artistic and theatrical entertainment.  Take in adventure in the White Mountain National Forest by day, and then enjoy live entertainment at night.  For those who just can’t get enough, there are plenty of matinees, and plenty of cultural, historic and artistic experiences from morning until night in Mt Washington Valley.  Here are Mt Washington Valley’s top ten cultural experiences, with plenty of options for each artistic form.

Painting and Photography: Mt Washington Valley Arts Association: Promoting visual arts in the Mt Washington Valley, this artist organization and visual arts center presents Art in the Park, July 9, July 23 and August 13, when artists display  their work in Schouler Park in a “farmers market

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Are Air Travel Rules Different Between Airports

Are you a frequent flyer?  Do you often jet off for Romantic Getaway? If so, there is a good chance that you know all of the air travel rules.  Do you?  If so, do you know that air travel rules can vary between airports?  Most travelers, especially those that tend to fly out of the same airports, are unaware that the rules are different.

When understanding air travel, it is important to remember that there are two main sets of rules.  One set of rules are often imposed by the federal government.  These restrictions, such as the bans on sharp objects or certain liquids, must be upheld in all airports in the United States.  Despite these types of bans and air travel rules, you may also find that specific airports have implemented their own rules and restrictions. Although it is not required, a number of them have.

Whether you are a first time flyer or a frequent flyer, who is flying out of a new airport, you are advised to familiarize yourself with the air travel rules that are implemented in all airports, as well as the ones that are implemented individually, by each airport.  The rules that can be found in each airport are just as important as the rules that are widespread. For this reason, it is important that you familiarize yourself with them. This can be done a number of different ways.

Perhaps, the best way to learn airport rules is by visiting the website of the airport in which you will be flying out of. If you do not already know the address of that website, you can easily find it out by performing a standard internet search. You should perform your search with the name of the airport in question.  Once at the website’s main page, you should be able to find information on air travel rules.  You are encouraged to fully read those rules and take note of what you see; it may come in useful later on.

As nice as it is to get information online, you are advised to be careful with what you find.  Most airports update their online websites on a regular basis, but not all do.  You will want to be on the lookout for outdated information. In addition to outdated information, there is a good chance that you will not find anything at all.  If your airport’s online website does not have any information on air travel safety and rules, it does not necessarily mean these rules do not exist.  However, it does mean that you may have to obtain the information elsewhere, such as directly from the airport.

When trying to contact an airport, you will have a number of different options.  If you are flying out of a local airport, it is likely that you can get the airport’s contact information for your local phone book. If not, you should be able to obtain it online.  Regardless of where you get your information from, you should find that each airport has a number of different telephone numbers listed.  In the event that there is not a phone number listed specifically for information on air travel rules, you will want to contact the customer service department.  Most airline representatives would be more than willing to answer all of your questions, including those on airport rules and restrictions.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the airport that you will be flying in and out of, it is also a good idea to examine your airline.  Like many airports, many airlines have implemented their own air travel rules, guidelines, and restrictions.  For instance, there are some airlines that have specific rules on the flying with pets and others that are more flexible.  Before leaving for the airport, it is important that you determine whether or not these additional air travel rules exist.

When flying out of a new airport or on a new airline, the “but the other airline allowed it,

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