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Mount Washington Valley Ski Vacation!

Known as one of the single best places for a ski vacation in New England, the Mount Washington Valley has quite a bit to offer skiers. Beginners, intermediates, and experts will all find suitable trails

Between the months of November and April, several feet of fresh powder fall in the Valley and create a winter wonderland like no other. There is terrain available for all levels of skiers and riders along with a myriad of other fun winter activities to take advantage of.  Ski lessons are available, as well as rentals for skis and other equipment.

The ski season runs from late November to the middle of March, when the most snow fall is experienced. There are several places to choose for lodging, meals, and nightly entertainment, but the biggest attraction during the winter is the skiing, of course.

If your kids aren’t quite ready for the black diamond trails, but you are, there are multiple resorts that offer full-day care and even lessons for all ages.  This allows the parents, not able to sneak away for a romantic get-away, to bring the kids along but still get out and rip it up at their own pace.

The Mount Washington Valley is a great place for a family vacation and the variety of activities is second to none.

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Moonlight Hiking

Why moonlight hiking? The trails are empty, there are eyes in the bushes and stars in the sky. Then there are the more practical reasons.

If you’re looking for a nice romantic getaway to a Jackson, NH bed and breakfast, this might be just the season!

I started moonlight hiking when I was a teenager prowling the streets and fields of North Conway. I later found that if I timed my backpacking trips to coincide with a full moon, I could hike every night. The two primary motivations for doing this are the adventure and mystery of night hiking, as well as the practical advantages that it has.

Moonlight Hiking – A Unique Experience

It’s a great experience to hike away the hours of the night under a full moon. My first time doing this on a longer backpacking trip was on a five-day hike in the White Mountains. Every night I would sleep in the silence of the woods, waking up when the cool temps bothered me. Then I easily hiked through the rest of the night by moonlight.

This meant getting up between two and four in the morning and hiking the rest of the night. I was moving during the coldest part of the night, so I was able to get away with a lighter sleeping bag on this trip. In fact, since there wasn’t a cloud in the sky during those five days, I just slept in the open, without a tent or tarp every night. Most afternoons I took a leisurely nap in the sun to catch up on sleep.

Hiking at night meant no other people on the trail. Crowded trails were not actually a problem where I was, but I would like to go moonlight hiking to avoid the crowds the next time I am in Yosemite National Park, or in the Smoky Mountains. Sometimes it is nice to have the trails and whole mountain valleys to yourself.

You can hike a lot of miles at night, without any problems of over-heating. When the sky is clear and the moon is full, or within three days of its fullest, the moonlight is more than bright enough for hiking in fairly open terrain. In thicker woods you may need a flashlight for assistance.

If you do try this, plan your trip with the full moon coming right in the middle of the time span (if you can). This is how you get the maximum use of the moonlight before, during and after the full moon. Also note the time that the moon rises. About an hour after moonrise you’ll have enough light to hike, unless it is overly cloudy (something else to check on).  Currently the moon is visible before sundown.  This has been making for some very nice sunsets!

When hiking at night you’ll be able to clearly see animal tracks in the snow or soft sand of the trails. They included fresh bear tracks. Though black bears in this area are not usually dangerous, it keeps your senses tuned in when you know there are eyes in the woods watching you and none of them are human.

The lakes and ponds reflect the moon, owls swoop by almost without sound, and animals move in the bushes as you pass. The many shadows hide things, but you walk on by them, leaving these little mysteries unsolved. The trees and rocks take on a different, starker appearance than during the day. Moonlight hiking is a beautiful and unique experience.

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Lost Valley Ski Vacations

If you will be traveling to North Conway for a romantic getaway, you could take a quick trip over to Lost Valley Ski Resort. Located on 300 acres in the middle of Maine, the resort offers many different types of terrain, hills, streams, bridges, and fifteen well maintained trail systems.

The Lost Valley Resort is best suited to beginners and intermediate skiers, but there are more thrilling trails available for expert skiers as well. There are three lifts to accommodate skiers, including two chair lifts and one surface lift.

Equipment can be rented for all sports that are catered to at Lost Valley Resort, including ski equipment, snowboarding equipment, mountain bikes, and paintball equipment. Ski and snowboarding lessons are also available for private parties and groups.

At the lodge, you will experience a warm family environment with outstanding food and beverages. This is an absolutely wonderful place to bring a family.
There are training programs, adaptive ski programs, racing events, a snowboard terrain park, mountain biking, and a huge twenty acre paintball park.  Lost Valley Resort is also a great place to hold meetings, family reunions, weddings, and other special events.  Catering is available.

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Planning a Family Ski Vacation

It’s time to plan the family vacation and everyone wants to go skiing. Don’t worry, skiing isn’t as expensive as you might think, and there are numerous resorts that cater to families, offering a variety of packages designed to save you money. The problem will be choosing the destination.

Most ski resorts have websites. Start the planning process by accessing these websites to determine where you and your family might want to go. There are many different things to look for when choosing a resort. The absolute most important thing to look for is a ski school if someone in your family will need instruction. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a destination where one or more of your family members won’t have fun, simply because they don’t know how to ski.

Next, take a look at the slopes, lifts, and trails. You want to make sure that the resort has something to offer everyone in your family. If the resort only caters
to beginners, an expert skier will become quickly bored. If you have a snowboarder in your group, and there is no snowboarding park or terrain, that
snowboarder will not be happy.  While these limitations are becoming fewer, they are still out there and something a quick check of the resort’s website can fix.  There are resorts that serve all winter sports, so make sure that your families interests are covered.

Lodging is the next thing to look at. You want to be comfortable, so where you will sleep at night matters a great deal. In most cases, there is a hotel right at
the base of the slopes but this isn’t necessarily the best or most affordable place to stay. Find out what your lodging options are for the area, and choose the one that is right for your family and your budget. If you will be staying farther away from the slopes, make sure that there is transportation to and from the slopes each day!  A nice romantic Bed and Breakfast in Jackson, NH might be just the ticket for a romantic getaway!   Some lodging locations even offer ski tickets if you stay with them.  This is a great deal and nearly always will save you money!

Your family will have many more interests that you will need to search for before deciding on a particular destination and resort. Some of those interests may be dog sledding, sleigh rides, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or horseback riding. Resorts do offer these activities, but some don’t so be sure to ask about the winter activities, as well as the planned events during the time that you will be at the resort. This will help you plan a ski vacation that your family
will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

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Packing Your Bags: What You Should Leave at Home

Last night I watched a cool show on some big huge cruise ship.  It was interesting to see how smoothly they swapped the “old” passengers with the “new” ones in just a few hours and got the whole ship ready and looking new.  Another thing that I was amazed by was the number of people that were having issues with the check-ins.  People using their wrong names on passports, people forgetting passports, etc…  Here’s a little article about items you should keep in mind, and maybe keep at home, when you’re traveling either to a far off land or just a romantic getaway to a Jackson, NH Bed and Breakfast!

Each day, millions of travelers hop on an airplane to get their next destination. Whether you are planning a visit to friends or family, attending a business meeting, or just taking a family vacation, it is likely that you will not be traveling alone. Almost all air travelers bring some sort of luggage with them.  Unfortunately, when it comes to packing their bags, many travelers have no idea what they should or shouldn’t bring along.

Not only should be thinking about convenience, but you should also be thinking about air travel rules, namely the rules that specify which items or materials are allowed aboard an airplane and which ones are not.

When examining items prohibited during air travel, it is important to remember that some items may only have a partial ban. An example of a partial ban is a ban that may prevent certain items from being stored in your carry-on luggage, but not in your checked baggage.  Most of these bans, such as liquids, large tools, sporting goods, and sharp objects, are imposed only for safety reasons.

Although a large number of items are allowed to be in your checked baggage, there are some items that you cannot, under any circumstances, bring aboard an airplane. These items most commonly fall under the category of explosive or flammable materials.  You will find that you are prohibited from bringing dynamite, gun powder, lighters, flares, or strike anywhere matches on an airplane.  In fact, trying to board an airplane with these items in your possession could land you in serious trouble.

In addition to items that are banned by the airline industry, you will also want to think about convenience, when packing your bags for your next business trip or vacation.  When it comes to carry-on luggage, you will find that some airlines restrict the size of your bags, as well as the weight. For your own convenience, you will want to keep your carry-on luggage as light as possible. The same should be said for your checked baggage.  Although you may not be carrying it with you at all times, it is still advised that you pack as light as possible. A number of airlines have strict weight limits on carry-on luggage.  If your luggage weights more than what is allowed, you may be charged an extra fee or you may even be required to remove some of your belongings.

It is also advised that you think of the items that you are bringing along with you, specifically their monetary and sentimental value. When traveling aboard an airplane, there are a number of instances where you belongings may suffer damage, especially those stored in checked baggage. If you would take a large financial or emotional hit from the loss or destruction of your personal belongings, you are advised to leave those items at home. Although you may not be able to have your laptop with you or your favorite piece of jewelry, it is nice to know that your treasured items are safe at home.  I tend to bring those items with me on the plane.  Though I don’t totally distrust the airlines and the luggage crews, I tend to feel safer if my valuable are within reach (that sometimes includes my cat!)

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Jackson Invitational Snow Sculpting Competition!!

11th New Hampshire Sanctioned & Jackson Invitational Snow Sculpting Competition
being held at Black Mountain.

Jackson, NH is home to the New Hampshire State Sanctioned Snow Sculpting Competition and the Jackson Invitational, to be held on

January 27TH, 28TH & 29TH, 2012.

This event attracts a wide variety of sculptors, both amateur and professional. In fact, many of the Competing Teams will be using this weekend as a practice run for Lake Geneva and the Nationals. Other sanctioned states holding championship competitions include Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and Wisconsin. Each team of sculptors consists of 2 or 3 members, and in order to be eligible to compete in the State Championship, team members must be 18 years or older and reside or work in New Hampshire. The winning team of the State Championship will receive a trophy and an invitation to compete in the United States National Snow Sculpting Competition, to be held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2013. Our New Hampshire State Sanctioned winners for 2012 was Dick Devellian We all wish Dick and his team well as they will be headed to Lake Geneva for the 2012 Nationals representing the entire state of New Hampshire. Dick Devellian who is from Jackson, New Hampshire, have been a past winner a few times. The winners of the Nationals then go on to compete in international competitions offered by sanctioned member countries such as Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, China, Norway and Russia.

Amateurs and professionals of any age are eligible to compete in the Overall and People’s Choice Awards. Team members come from a variety of backgrounds including chefs from fine restaurants, architects, students of culinary and art schools, and various civic organizations. Sculptors from outside of New Hampshire will also be in Jackson participating in the invitational, exhibiting their magnificent works of snow art. Each team will be given a cylinder shaped block of snow 4 feet in diameter by 8 feet tall to create their snow sculptures. Most of the teams will start sculpting on Friday, January 28th and continue working through the night on Saturday to complete their sculptures in time for the judging on Sunday afternoon January 30th starting at Noon. Judging is based on creativity, technique and message.
Other activities planned for the snow sculpture weekend include a welcome reception dinner, with a bon fire and S’mores, kids snow art, sleigh rides and more. Be sure to check out the website www.JacksonNH.com for all the event details.

You can expect to see at least 12 sculpting teams at Black Mountain this year. Teams will begin sculpting on Friday January 27th. Many teams will continue to sculpt throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning through all kinds of weather and cold. Teams have to end sculpting at noon on Sunday January 29th, 2012. We recommend that you come and see the entire process of the sculptor taking a very blah cylinder of snow and sculpting it into an amazing piece of art frozen in time. The process takes 2 full days with the finished piece ready for viewing on Sunday at noon. This year’s winners of the NH Sanctioned event will represent the entire state of New Hampshire in the 2013 Nationals held at Lake Geneva WI where more than 1/4 million people will visit.
You can meet our sculptors and learn more about this event and what it takes to complete one of these impressive pieces of art by joining us at the Shovel Handle Pub on Saturday evening at 6 PM January 28th, 2012.
We encourage all visitors to vote for their favorite “People’s Choice” award… votes can not be cast until Sunday morning… you need to see the pieces really take shape before you can tell which one you will like the most. This award is the coveted award that each team wants to win and only you can help them take it home! The public is encouraged to join us at the awards ceremony also being held at the Shovel Handle Pub at Whitney’s Inn at Jackson located on Route 16B in Jackson just next to Black Mountain Ski Area. Winners of all competitions will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Interested Sculptors… give the Chamber a call at 603-383-9356… Or down load the application off the website JacksonNH.com. You can E-mail it back to info@JacksonNH.com or mail it to address below

Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 304
Jackson, New Hampshire 03846
Telephone: (603) 383-9356
Fax: (603) 383-0931
E-Mail: info@jacksonnh.com

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MWV Photo Contest Winners!!

Special Thanks to the Conway Daily Sun for sharing their article!!

The winners of the Mount Washington Valley photo contest, “There’s No Place Like Home were announced Sunday, Nov. 6, at M&D Productions — Your Community Theatre in North Conway.

More than 60 people attended the event, at which contest creator and host Bernadette Friberg of Badger Realty and production assistant Alicia Leavitt announced the winners.

First place winnings went to semi-pro Joshua Greenblatt for “Jackson Falls,

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Myths and Facts about B&Bs

Our good friends over at bedandbreakfast.com included this article on their site and we knew the info. here would be helpful to our guests as well!!   Enjoy!

Myths and Facts about B&Bs

B&Bs lack privacy.
While meeting the many wonderful innkeepers and inngoers are a big reason travelers choose B&Bs, most are also more than accommodating when it comes to guest privacy. With almost all B&Bs offering rooms with private bathrooms and many providing flexible dining hours and private or semi-private dining options, staying in a B&B provides an exceptional experience for guests seeking a relaxing weekend getaway. Guests respect one another’s privacy and innkeepers work hard to provide gracious hospitality and give you as much privacy as you need. Many B&Bs have private entrances, separate cottages or carriage houses, for those want an option to the main house.

B&B means sharing a bathroom with others.
Back in the day, B&Bs were practically defined as places where you could rent out a room quite affordably with shared bathroom facilities. However, today’s modern B&B industry has evolved to where nearly all B&Bs, inns, and boutique hotels offer rooms with private bathrooms. In fact, according to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, more than 97 percent of B&Bs offer private baths in some, if not all rooms. For those looking to economize on rates, a shared bath option is available in approximately 12 percent of B&Bs.

B&Bs are expensive and don’t offer hotel-like services.
Room rates for B&Bs vary widely, depending upon location, the property itself, and its amenities. B&Bs, however, are attractive to many travelers because of the great value for your dollar including such as free breakfast and other amenities, usually at no extra charge, like refreshments, Internet, onsite parking, afternoon teas, wine and cheese hours, and more. Many B&Bs also offer free Internet, flexible check-in, private pools, spas and spa services, bars, private balconies, luxury soaps/shampoos, high thread count linens, and much more, providing 5-star accommodations and service. Travelers are guaranteed to get these and other amenities at BedandBreakfast.com™ Diamond Collection™ properties, which are professionally inspected and maintain top consumer reviews.

Finally, B&Bs offer a level of personal customer service often unmatched by many other lodging alternatives. Innkeepers serve as not only managers, but as “personal concierges,

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Great Things to Do in White Mountains New Hampshire

Special thanks to our friends at Visit New Hampshire for providing us with this great list of activities and attractions around the White Mountains!

America’s Oldest Continuously Operated General Store  America’s Oldest Continuously Operated General Store

Click to view mapSee Map

The Brick Store is a genuine old-fashioned general store that dates back as far as 1790 – in fact, the store calls itself America’s oldest continuously operated general story. It is located on the main street – Route 302 – in the delightful town of Bath. Customers include some old-timers in their 90s who tell the owners, Mike and Nancy Lusby, that they remember buying penny candy there as kids. How authentic is that? At the Brick Store, visitors can buy distinctive New England specialties — including smokehouse meats and cheese, homemade fudge, gift packs and gift baskets, maple syrup, weathervanes, and much more. It is open daily. Phone: 800-964-2074

Are We There Yet?  Are We There Yet?

Click to view mapSee Map

If you drive regularly in any New England town, it’s only a matter of time before you spot a car bedecked with a bumper sticker that reads “This car climbed Mt. Washington.

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Video Interlude

This is a great short video exploring the Fryeburg Fair from 2011!! We’re thrilled that many of our guests, up here for a Romantic Getaway,also made it over to the fair and reported an amazing time with great food and attractions!!

The fingerprints of the Mount Washington Valley are on the Stanley Cup. Helicopter pilot and Valley resident Steve “Speedo” Cheney arranged for a quick detour with The Cup while transporting it to an appearance in Maine. Delaney’s owner Dick Delaney and Valley residents who got wind of the event were able to touch the most iconic trophy in sports, currently the property of the Boston Bruins.

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