Feb 26, 2015

Enjoy Your Winter Break in a Relaxing White Mountains B&B

Most people take vacations during the winter, partially because of the time off they get for the holidays and because the kids tend to get quite a bit of time off from school between November and March.

A lot of times, though, people choose to go somewhere warm. Why? Well, when you live in snow, drive in snow, and work in snow, the beautiful, white, flaky substance can be a bit overwhelming. But, as we all know - the snow is something that can be enjoyed, too.

And, that’s where an experience at our White Mountains B&B will serve you well.


Staying in a White Mountains B&B will help you get away from it all, relax, and have some fun. The snowy weather is good for skiing, of course, but if skiing isn’t your thing, there’s much more that the White Mountains have to offer you.






Explore Your Sense of Adventure

Snowy weather doesn’t just have to be all about skiing. Granted, the White Mountains have some of the best skiing amenities available in this country. But, that isn’t all there is to do around here. The resort and B&B companies of the White Mountains offer some great snowmobile packages. Do you have the need for speed? Then a snowmobile adventure is right up your alley.

If you’re looking for some fun that is reminiscent of your childhood, take an afternoon or two and go sledding. Is there anything more fun and giggle inducing than riding a sled down a steep slope? We don’t think so!

And, if you would like to take a look at the gorgeous scenery of the White Mountains while getting in touch with your rugged side, try some of the dog sledding available around here.

Make It a Romantic Vacation

The snowy weather shouts romance – cozying up by the fireplace, enjoying a ride in a horse drawn carriage, discovering the bounty of beautiful covered bridges found throughout the White Mountains. If you have an anniversary coming up or just want to take your special someone on a vacation to remember, taking them to a White Mountains B&B is sure to impress and make a memorable trip.

Don’t Forget the Fabulous Dining!

Guests of the Bernerhof Inn have access to our acclaimed Black Bear Pub. Besides this, there are a variety of restaurants and pubs for your dining pleasure. Whatever you and your family are in the mood for, you’ll be able to find here.

The next time you have some vacation time coming up, consider staying in a White Mountains B&B. You can bring the kids; there are plenty of family friendly activities in the area and your kids are sure to have a blast. Or, choose to come here with your beloved for a romantic getaway. The cozy B&B atmosphere is sure to up the romance factor of any vacation. Whether you’re coming here for the adventure, the scenery, or the relaxing atmosphere, a White Mountains B&B is sure to please!