Mar 30, 2015

Why You Can Justify a Bed and Breakfast Getaway

“Where does the time go?” This is something all of us have uttered at some point. Time just seems to fly and before you know it a year has passed. We’re pretty convinced the major reason for this is because of fast-paced lifestyles. Even kids are super busy. And the poor parents, too! Not only do they have to take care of all of their child’s engagements, they work full time, clean the house, and go to PTA meetings.

In this day and age it’s really easy to feel frazzled, which is why getting away from it all is a great idea. But a lot of people have a hard time justifying a getaway. That’s why we wanted to give you some valid reasons why you should get out of town.


Valid Reasons for a Vacation

One of the side effects of the fast pace of modern life is burnout. Constantly going and doing without taking substantial breaks can lead to a lack of energy, a nervous breakdown, and major life dissatisfaction.

Another side effect is stress. The more activities we have going on, the more overwhelmed we can feel. Even people who seem to feed off of stress can become overstressed. The result is mental, physical, and emotional suffering. Researchers have found that stress can lead to heart disease. It can also make it easy to gain weight and difficult to take it off as well as lead to depression.

A third issue involves the family. Everyone in the family needs to take regular breaks. Taking time out from everyday activities will give everyone a break and promote communication and bonding.

Why You Should Get Out of Town

Because of the economy and busy lifestyles, a common vacation alternative has been the “staycation.” While this can be a temporary fix, actually getting out of town does a lot of good. When you stay home it’s easy to have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind reminding you of all the things you really should be doing.

Getting out of town and going somewhere that is peaceful, fun, and relaxing, like the White Mountains in New Hampshire, will help you to detach from your everyday tasks and anxieties. Plus, you’ll likely stay at a place like a Bed and Breakfast where someone takes care of you. Enjoy someone else making the meals for a change. And not having to do any dishes!


So, are you ready to get away from it all? Do you now feel justified? Well, you should. You work hard and deserve a break. When you decide to get away from it all, we hope you will take a chance on the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Whether you want to play and burn off some restless energy or you want to have a relaxing, low key getaway, there’s something for everyone in the White Mountains.