Mar 30, 2015

White Mountains of New Hampshire Activities

You love the outdoors and you're ready for adventure no matter what the season. Now that the warmer weather is here, it's time to shift gears from snowshoeing and downhill skiing to mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, and all of the other outdoor adventures that spring and summer have to offer. You can find these activities and more when you visit North Conway, New Hampshire and stay at the Bernerhof Inn.



Take a Hike

Whether you enjoy a short hike at a leisurely pace or are looking for more challenging hiking paths, you can find them in or near North Conway. In addition to numerous walking trails, these three state parks also offer spectacular scenery for taking pictures or just enjoying nature:

  • Diana's Baths Waterfalls: If you and your traveling companions love nature, you can't go wrong with a trip to Diana's Baths Waterfalls. Since it is part of the United States National Forest System, you can purchase one daily pass and use it at any other park that is in the same system. Upon reaching the park, you walk just over half a mile to get to the cascading waterfalls. They are approximately 75 feet tall and contain many rocks, brooks, pools, and ledges to explore. 
  • Echo Ledge State Park: This park doesn't open until Memorial Day weekend, but the wait is worth it. Located just a few miles from Diana's Baths Waterfalls, it offers visitors the opportunity for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, swimming, and a leisurely picnic. Beginning hikers may enjoy the one-mile trek around Echo Lake while experienced hikers and climbers can go a bit further and visit the Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges.
  • Mount Chocoroa: After enjoying a delicious, homemade breakfast at the Bernerhof Inn, hop in your car and drive approximately 10 miles to reach Mount Chocoroa. This park is home to the Champney Falls Trail, which is a two to three hour climb leading you to the peak of the summit. You will want to take turns driving there with your traveling partners so you can experience the beauty of the surrounding areas without any distractions.

Ride a Horse

What could be more serene than horseback riding through forests and meadows while witnessing the best that nature has to offer? Even if you've never been on a horse in your life, you can take lessons and soon be up to speed with the rest of your group. Farm by the River, located in North Conway, offers opportunities for beginners and experienced riders alike to trek on 70 acres of open land. If you want to drive a bit, check out the horse stables in nearby Freedom or Jackson, New Hampshire.