May 12, 2015

Why You Should Check Out The Bernerhof Inn


When most people think about getting away from it all, they imagine getting out of town and staying in a swanky hotel where they can order room service. While this sounds heavenly, there is another option when you want to get away from it all. What’s that? It’s the ever humble, yet completely wonderful, North Conway B&B.

Today we’re going to do our best to convince you to try The Bernerhof Inn the next time you go out of town. Of course, we are a tad bit partial. After all, the Bernerhoff Inn is a lovely, historic building and we offer comfortable rooms, relaxing spa treatments, and exquisite cuisine. On the surface this doesn’t sound that different from a hotel, but we guarantee you—the North Conway B&B experience is even better than what you’ll find at most hotels.




Exceptional Value for Your Money

Have you been to a hotel lately? The experience can, at times, be somewhat disappointing. For one thing, the rooms aren’t always very attractive and sometimes they’re even downright uncomfortable. Besides the discomfort, the idea that you’re paying so much money to be uncomfortable is a bit disconcerting. In addition to this, hotels tend to charge for every little extra. Do you want a bottle of water? That will be $10.00. And the cost of meals can be described as exorbitant.

At a North Conway B&B, however, you’ll find many little extras are added at no charge. Breakfasts are usually included in the cost of the room and the dinners are fairly reasonable. B&B’s often don’t charge extra for snacks, parking, or even Wi-Fi. And you can sometimes even get discounts from the B&B to local attractions. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

A Rich History

Most bed and breakfasts, including our North Conway B&B, have a rich history. The buildings could have historical significance or boast famous patrons. Or, the B&B could have once been a family home with an amazing back story that the owners will be happy to tell you about. Knowing the building you’re staying in has an interesting history makes staying there even more exciting and appealing.

A Staff Who Truly Cares

The people who run a B&B really care about those they serve. This attitude is displayed by all who work at the B&B, from the chef to the massage therapist, from housekeeping to dinner servers. The owners of any North Conway B&B have a passion for making others feel comfortable, at home, and cozy. They want their patrons to enjoy their experience so much that they become repeat customers.

Because of this passion for service that B&B owners and staff have, they often go out of their way to make patrons feel special. From little extras like champagne on your wedding day, to giving you advice about what attractions to see in their town, they’re always ready to help.


The next time you decide to get away from it all, why not try a North Conway B&B like the Bernerhoff Inn? We’re positive you won’t be sorry!