Jun 4, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Culinary Vacation With Us

Have you heard about the latest vacation craze? It’s called the culinary vacation and it’s recently picked up momentum in the last few years. The culinary vacation encompasses more than just searching for the best restaurants with the most intriguing menus. While this can be a part of a culinary vacation, the real purpose is to learn new culinary skills. In fact, the Travel Channel says that culinary tourism has resulted in an increase in the number of cooking schools.


Why Culinary Vacations Are So Popular

Have you ever watched a movie that made you hungry? For instance, popular films like Julia and Julia and Chocolat have unbelievable cooking, baking and dining scenes. The food looks decadent and delectable. Somehow, through the magic of cinema, it seems like we can actually smell and taste the dishes being served on-screen. After watching such films, not only do we want to taste such delicious foods, we want to know how to make them. After all, part of the appeal of the movie is the fact that the person doing to cooking looks like a masterful artist creating their greatest work of art.

Culinary vacations allow you the opportunity to be trained by an actual culinary artist, someone who will give you the skills to become a kitchen artist in your own right.

Does this appeal to you? If so, you should check out the culinary package we offer here at the Bernerhoff Inn. Why is our North Conway B&B the place to go for an exceptional culinary experience?


3 Reasons Why the Bernerhoff Inn Is the Ultimate Culinary Vacation Destination

Our historic North Conway B&B is not only a wonderful place to stay; we also offer world class cooking classes for individuals and groups.


1. A Prestigious History. The history of our culinary program goes back to 1981 when Chef Steven Raichlen helped conceive the idea. Not only has he written award winning cookbooks, he is a TV host and cooking teacher who wrote the first cookbook for our North Conway B&B.


2. Tell Us What You Want To Learn. We’re totally flexible and have a ton of culinary skills. So, what would you like to learn? Do you want to become a master of sauces? Would you like to learn how to cook mouth-watering seafood dishes? How about baking? Whatever you are interested in learning, our North Conway B&B chefs are equipped to train you.


3. Expert Chefs. Our private chefs include a multiple Gold Medal food competition winner, a member of the prestigious ACF Honor society American Academy of Chefs, more than one Certified Executive Chef, and Chef of the Year award winners, just to name a few.


Try Us Out The Next Time You Plan a Culinary Vacation

While it’s true that we think the Bernerhoff Inn is one of the best North Conway B&Bs, it’s not without cause. We work hard to provide the best to our guests, including our cooking school. With world-class chefs to teach you whatever you’d like to learn, you’ll experience one of the most mouth-watering, enjoyable culinary vacations ever!