Jun 15, 2015

5 Ways to Make Your White Mountains Hiking Experience Even Better

One of the main attractions of the beautiful White Mountains is the outdoor experience. If you enjoy being at one with nature, there’s plenty here for you to experience. You can fish, swim, get lost in the wonder of our waterfalls, and take pleasure in the colorful wildflowers.

A Feast for the Senses

There is no better way to enjoy the White Mountains than to go hiking. A hike through the White Mountains is a feast for the senses: the color of the wildflowers; the smell of our famous lilacs; the invigorating splash of cool water as you jump into a lake, river, or stream; the roaring sound of the waterfalls; and the taste of a gourmet meal from a North Conway B&B at the end of the day. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


Be Prepared So You Can Have a Wonderful Experience

In order to have a truly wonderful experience in the White Mountains, we want to make sure our North Conway B&B guests are properly prepared. Hiking is fun but if someone is ill prepared, it can distract from the enjoyment of the experience. Here are five ways to prepare yourself so you can thoroughly enjoy hiking the White Mountains.

1. Protect Yourself. Being at one with nature means you’re exposing your body to the elements. One element in particular that can wreck havoc is the sun. It doesn’t matter what season you’re here, make sure to apply some sunscreen. Additional protection gear includes sunglasses and bug repellent.

2. Take the Proper Gear. It’s very important to wear the proper shoes and socks on a hike through the White Mountains. Your hike will start out great but after walking for a while in ill-fitting shoes, you’re sure to get sore feet or blisters. And there is nothing that can damper a trip like sore feet.

3. Bring Along a Backpack for Extras. You should never go on a hike without some essentials, like water, extra sunscreen and bug repellent, and even your driver’s license or identification card. If you take any medications, you’ll want to take those along with you as well.

4. Don’t Forget the Snacks. Whatever type of hike you decide to go on, snacks and water are vital. They’ll keep you hydrated and energized and reduce the likelihood of drops in your blood sugar levels.

5. Believe Us—You Will Want to Bring a Camera. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times—the White Mountains are gorgeous. You’ll definitely be inspired to take pictures on your hike so that your memories can last a lifetime.

Being Well Prepared Guarantees a Good Time

We want all of our North Conway B&B guests to have a good time with us, and we especially want them to enjoy the beauty of the White Mountains. To truly enjoy your experience, take note of the essentials you will need. Being well prepared will ensure that you get the most out of your North Conway B&B and White Mountains experience.