Jun 15, 2015

Interested in Hiking the White Mountains? 3 Types of Hikes for All Abilities

Most guests who come to our North Conway B&B come for the hiking. There really is no better way to get close to nature than to go on a hike. You can trek through the White Mountains and go swimming along the way, take a break and do some fishing, or simply lie in the grass among the wildflowers. There really is no better way to experience the White Mountains than hiking.

Why Some People Are Skeptical

There are some people, though, who hold back from hiking in the White Mountains because of minimal hiking experience. These North Conway B&B guests generally stick to the scenic train rides or river tours. While we encourage these experiences, we also want to assure you that you don’t have to be an expert to have fun on a hike. There are trails for hikers of every level.


White Mountains Hiking For Everyone

Whether you’re taking your first hike or an avid hiker with years of experience, the White Mountains have something for everyone.

1. Beginner/Easy. If you’re new to hiking, have no fear—there are perfect trails for beginners. For an easier hike, head to Black Cap. This hike will take you through forests and provides 360 degree views. The grades are easy and nearly anyone can enjoy this hike. This trail is open to hikers and mountain bikers, so if you would rather experience the outdoors on a bike, this trail is ideal.

2. Intermediate. Mount Chocorua is one of the most photographed areas in the White Mountains, possibly in New England. And, it’s available for hiking. The level here is intermediate, though it’s still a pretty easy hike for most people. You’ll hike for about three miles through brooks and valleys. Then, you’ll come across some steep, rocky areas within the trails. Nearly a mile later, you’ll reach the summit where you will get to experience the famous views that are photographed by so many.

3. Expert/Difficult. If you’re an experienced hiker, no doubt you like a little more challenge and adventure in addition to the beauty of nature. The Mount Carrigain hike is definitely for you. The hike starts out on the flats and takes you through dense forests for about two miles where you’ll have to cross a river. This will definitely bring an element of adventure to your hike. After mile two, the trail starts ascending up the mountain and can get pretty steep as you make your way to the summit of Mount Carrigain. Round trip, this hike is approximately ten miles.

A Beautiful Mountain Hiking Experience for Everyone

Don’t let your lack of hiking experience hold you back. There is something for every level in the White Mountains. And the best part, the more you hike—the more experienced you become. That means that each time you come back to our North Conway B&B you can try different trails according to your skill level. Each trip here will be an enjoyable adventure.