Jul 11, 2015

5 Fun Summer Events to Enjoy While Staying At a North Conway B&B

This time of year affects people in two different ways. Some people love the idea of having a lazy summer—enjoying a backyard Bar-B-Q, going swimming, taking naps in a hammock. Others get an amazing amount of energy during the summer and want to do as much as they possibly can. Whether you like to fill your days or experience one special event during the weekend, North Conway is your ideal vacation destination.

North Conway Has Something for Everyone


Staying at a North Conway Bed & Breakfast gives you an opportunity to experience a variety of fun events. Spending time in this part of the country gives you a wonderful chance to enjoy the beauty of the area as well as the talent of the locals. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Your days can be filled with exploring the countryside while on a hike and then finishing your day at an outdoor movie. You can also lounge around all day and experience the local theater in the evening. North Conway really has something for everyone. (For contact information, click here.)

5 Fun and Entertaining Events to Check Out While Staying At A North Conway B&B

1. Watching Movies on the Green Grass.
Is there anything more fun than watching an outdoor movie? Sitting under the stars, enjoying a fun film…does it get any better? Yes, actually, it does because the movies are free. You can watch free films during July and August (on Tuesday evenings) while enjoying ice cream and popcorn. All films are appropriate for children, too.

2. Have Fun At The Local Theater.
This July, enjoy the musical Ruthless at the Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse. This play isn’t for the faint of heart—it includes an aggressive and ruthless 8-year-old who is determined to play her dream part of Pippi Longstocking and she will stop at nothing (including murder) to get her way. This play is the first in a series of summer shows.

3. The Gibson Craft Fair.
Craft lovers will have a ball at this event taking place on July 4th and 5th. It is a non-juried fair and the purpose is to showcase handmade crafts.

4. Adventure Photography Tours.
Renowned photographer Ernie Mills leads a series of guided photography tours during the summer. There are currently five dates in July to enjoy this excursion. You can choose sunrise, sunset, or daytime tours.

5. Mud Bowl.
September 11th through the 13th is the historic Mud Bowl. Enjoy football, beer, food, and entertainment. A parade will start things off on the morning of the 11th.

When You Visit North Conway, Come Stay With Us!

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg with these recommendations. In fact, most of these are happening in July. There are plenty of other local events scheduled in August, September, and beyond. When you decide to come spend some time here, why not stay at our North Conway B&B. We’ll be happy to tell you about even more upcoming event opportunities you’re sure to love!