Jul 31, 2015

3 Things You Can Expect From Your Visit to a North Conway B&B

There are a lot of people who have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. Some simply haven’t had the opportunity or forgot that a B&B was even an option when booking their vacation. Others haven’t stayed at a Bed and Breakfast because the idea doesn’t appeal to them. Why? Generally, the reason behind their disinterest comes from misinformation. So, today we’re going to set the record straight and show you exactly why you should give a North Conway B&B a chance the next time you go on vacation.


What to Expect From Your Stay in a North Conway B&B

While there are many reasons to consider staying at a B&B when you visit North Conway, here are the basics.


1. Innkeepers Are Committed To You. Part of the reason behind becoming an innkeeper is to ensure that vacationers have a great time. They want to serve, to show people a fun time and to help vacationers to thoroughly enjoy the town they’re visiting. Innkeepers take pride in offering the best to their customers. Therefore, you will enjoy exceptional service, homemade breakfasts and, as of the last few years, amenities that many hotels offer, including free Wi-Fi. Your local innkeeper is also an expert on the goings on of their town. They know the best restaurants, what events will be happening during your stay, and have an all-around great sense of what will make your trip an exceptional one.


2. Gourmet Meals. In the past, B&Bs were just that—a place to rest your head at night and eat homemade breakfasts in the morning. During the day some of the innkeepers would leave out snacks, or offer scones and tea in the afternoon. For lunch and dinner, though, you had to find a restaurant. More North Conway B&Bs are now offering gourmet meals throughout the day. These meals rival the best restaurants, so why go out when you can stay in and still enjoy an exceptional meal?


3. Character and Personality. When you go to a hotel, every room looks the same—there’s not a lot of character. There are exceptions to this, but most don’t have much personality. B&Bs, on the other hand, are famous for character. Because of the rich history of the East Coast, many North Conway B&Bs decorate in a way that reflects the Colonial period. Others choose to decorate each room with a theme—stay in an Asian-style room, Western-style room, or an old fashioned Victorian room. Other North Conway B&Bs focus on romance, making them the perfect getaway for couples who are celebrating their anniversary or elopement.


Book Your Stay to a North Conway B&B Today

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