Aug 23, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Cooking Class While In North Conway—Part I

When you go on vacation, probably the last thing on your mind is cooking. After all, the reason you’re on vacation is to get away from everyday life and activities, like cooking. The idea of having someone else working in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up, is one of the perks of a vacation. And, besides that, going to a restaurant that we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to go to is something every vacationer looks forward to.

You may notice, however, that more and more vacationers are being offered cooking classes. What’s the appeal? Should you sign up for one?


Cooking Classes Are Becoming More Popular

In the past, if you were looking for a cooking class during a vacation, you would have to travel somewhere exotic, a place known for their fabulous cuisine—places like France, Italy or Napa, California.

Cooking classes and demonstrations have become more popular as of late, which means more places are offering them. North Conway Bed and Breakfasts are offering classes as are natural food stores, restaurants, wineries and breweries. There is something for everyone!


2 Reasons Why You Should Take a North Conway Cooking Class

Just because cooking classes are becoming more popular isn’t a reason to sign up for one. Here are more reasons to consider taking a cooking class.


1. A Live Cooking Class Is More Entertaining Than A Cooking Show. A cooking class gives you the opportunity to engage all of your senses. You can hear the popping sound of onions hitting hot oil. The chefs show you how to make your dish visually appealing. The smell of fresh garlic and basil, as well as other herbs and spices, is incomparable. Feel the difference in texture between the inside and outside of a bell pepper. And, of course, enjoy the myriad of flavors as they combine and complement each other. You can’t have this kind of experience while sitting down and watching a cooking show.


2. Hone Your Cooking Skills With Expert Guidance. More people chose to eat out rather than cook at home. Why? There are a couple of reasons, one being that people feel they’re too busy. Another reason is because they haven’t developed the necessary skills to make cooking a fun experience. When cooking is a chore, there’s no way you’re going to stick with it. The more practice you get, especially with a chef by your side showing you their expert tips and tricks, the more comfortable you will get in the kitchen.  

Stay Tuned—There Are Even More Reasons To Take A North Conway Cooking Class!

Are you ready to take a North Conway cooking class? After the first few reasons listed, we’re sure some of you are ready to sign up for a cooking class the next time you book a vacation. For those of you who aren’t quite convinced yet, stay tuned. Next time we will discuss three more reasons why you should consider adding a cooking class to your vacation itinerary.