Aug 31, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Cooking Class While In North Conway—Part II

With the increased popularity of cooking classes being offered to vacationers, you may be wondering whether you should add such an activity to your vacation itinerary or not. To many, cooking sounds more like a chore than a fun activity to do while on vacation.  

Your vacation time is sacred—an opportunity to rest, relax and get away from it all. Most of the time, you want to stay away from anything that even remotely looks like work. But we can assure you—a cooking class is not work and can be a highlight of your vacation experience.


A Recap—Reasons Already Listed

Last time, we discussed two reasons why you should consider taking a cooking class during your stay in North Conway. They included:

  • A live class is more fun because you get to engage all of your senses
  • Develop your cooking skills while an expert guides you.


3 More Reasons Why You Should Take a North Conway Cooking Class


1. Learn How to Be A More Efficient Cook. People don’t spend much time in the kitchen because they feel they don’t have time. Why spend an hour in the kitchen (not including clean up) when you can order take out? Cooking doesn’t always have to take a lot of time. A North Conway chef can show you short cuts that can cut cooking time down. Plus, cooking classes show you how to have fun in the kitchen, which will make time fly.


2. It Is A Fun Way To Spend Time With Your Significant Other. If you want to add some fun and spice into your relationship, try a cooking class. What you learn in the class will help you learn to work together and allows you to engage all of your senses. Cooking with your significant other can be a very romantic and sensual experience. Take the tips from your chef and apply them in your own kitchen. You and your significant other can enjoy spending time together at home doing something that’s fun and enjoyable.


3. All In All—It Is A Fun Experience. Cooking classes are fun. You will get to meet some amazing North Conway chefs who will share their tips, tricks, techniques and experience with you. Cooking classes generally have a fun, social atmosphere. They are a great place to meet other like minded and fun individuals. And, maybe the best part of the whole experience—you don’t have to wash dishes! There’s nothing that adds to the cooking fun factor like not having to clean up your mess.


You Don’t Have to Travel Far For a Cooking Class

We have a treat for our guests—if you’re staying at the Bernerhoff Inn in North Conway, you will be happy to know that we, too, offer some fabulous cooking classes. Learn how to cook a special gourmet dish from award winning chefs, or simply learn kitchen basics. Contact us today for more information about upcoming classes, costs and to book your lesson.