Jul 31, 2015

3 Fabulous North Conway Restaurants Every Food Lover Should Try

Food is an important part of everyday life. It is one of our basic human needs; without it we would die. But the fact of the matter is that most of us eat not simply because we experience hunger pains. No, we eat because we enjoy it. When you get the flavors, smells and textures just right, food is no longer a basic necessity—it is art.

Don’t Just Eat Food—Experience It

Eating is no longer just a nice experience; it has become an adventure. People’s love of food and exotic or interesting and unusual cuisine has led to the term “foodie.” Such people’s life revolves around food; they even plan vacations around it. They’re less concerned with the sights and activities of the vacation location. Their main concern is: what restaurants are we going to try?


3 North Conway Restaurants to Try

Whether you’re a foodie or not, an significant portion of your vacation is going to be spent at restaurants. To help you out, we wanted to tell you about some of the top North Conway restaurants.


1. Mary Kelley’s Irish Pub – There’s nothing quite like an Irish pub. The atmosphere is fun and entertaining and the food can definitely be described as comfort food. If you’re looking for some tasty food and an atmosphere that is truly reminiscent of a traditional Irish pub, Mary Kelley’s is the place to go. The food, service and ambiance are so incredible that Mary Kelley’s is actually the #1 Restaurant pick in North Conway on Tripadvisor.com. Out of 707 reviews, 485 reviewers rate Mary Kelley’s as Excellent.


2. Stairway Café – For breakfast, there’s no place like the Stairway Café. Recently named by NH Magazines as the Best Breakfast in Northern NH, Stairway Café steals the hearts of its visitors. The café is run by a mother and daughter team who love good food and interacting with their customers. The food has been described by Tripadvisor.com reviewers as delicious, while the service is “attentive” and the restaurant itself is “charming.”


3. Metropolitan Coffee House – Does it get any better than espresso and Gelato? We don’t think so…unless you add crepes and an online store. That’s what you’ll get with the Metropolitan Coffee House which has gotten a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.com. The coffee here will blow your mind, and with 28 flavors of gelato in addition to the sweet or savory crepes, this coffee house should make your “North Conway Must Visit” list.


Food Lovers—Don’t Forget Your North Conway B&B


Of course, while you’re in North Conway you will want to treat yourself to the gourmet dining experience of the Bernerhoff Inn restaurant. While we may be just a tad bit partial, we boast only for good reason—we have some of the best chefs in North Conway. Many have won state and national awards for excellence. So make sure to add us to your list when you’re deciding which restaurants you should experience during your trip to North Conway.