Dec 3, 2015

The #1 Reason Why a Bed and Breakfast Establishment Is Beneficial

Recently, a California woman took a long-deserved vacation. During her journey she traveled to multiple towns and stayed in bed and breakfast establishments. She loved the warm hospitality, delectable meals and comfortable rooms. Imagine her disappointment, then, when she was told that at least one of the towns where she visited was trying to abolishing future bed and breakfast establishments.

The bed and breakfast establishment has a long history and its continued success benefits the towns in which they’re located. What is the #1 reason why people oppose or support the bed and breakfast establishment?


How the Bed and Breakfast Began


The concept of offering hospitality to travelers is nothing new. Almost since the beginning of time, householders have viewed it as a privilege to extend such generosity to strangers and enjoyed their company. Travelers were allowed to stay with their hosts for as long as was necessary. Meals were provided and the family took pride in making sure their guest was well cared for.


In the US, the bed and breakfast goes back to the days of the settlers, when guests needed a safe place to stay as a respite from their long, and often arduous, journey. During the Great Depression, many homeowners turned their home into a boarding house, opening their spare rooms to anyone who was able to pay a daily or weekly rate for the room.

In more recent years, the bed and breakfast has gained popularity as a cozy option to run-of-the-mill hotels. Their historic features take the guests back to a time when warm hospitality was an everyday occurrence.


The #1 Reason Why Some Want to Eliminate the Bed and Breakfast Establishment

Despite the fact that such hospitality has been an important part of our history, there are some people who would prefer to keep bed and breakfasts out of their own town. Why?

The #1 reason why people take issue with the bed and breakfast establishment is because they don’t want a business in their neighborhood. They would prefer to keep their neighborhood strictly residential. Such people are worried about traffic, noise and strangers disturbing the peace.


The #1 Reason Why a Bed and Breakfast Establishment Is Beneficial

Seeing as there are many bed and breakfast establishments in the US, it stands to reason that many recognize how they benefit the community. The #1 way they do this is by bringing in tourists, and therefore revenue, to the other town businesses. When bed and breakfast customers are happy, they return and not only spend money on their accommodations, but on meals, activities and shopping. This money keeps towns in the black financially.


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