Dec 22, 2015

10 Date Ideas to Try During Your Next Romantic Winter Vacation – Part I

Well, folks, winter is upon us here in North Conway, NH. The temperatures have dropped and North Conway, NH meteorologists are forecasting a snowy December. Most people get time off during the winter due to the holiday season and the tendency is to head to warmer climates. Couples especially like to plan romantic winter getaways to tropical destinations like Hawaii or the Caribbean. However, we would like to show you one of the most romantic options available to vacationers: the white winter getaway. 


10 Date Ideas That Will Ensure a Romantic Winter Vacation


When people think of a winter getaway, they often think of nothing more than participating in winter sports: skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. Granted, these are extremely fun and can make for enjoyable dates, but if you want a really romantic winter vacation, you’ll need to get a bit more creative. Here are just 10 date ideas to try while you and your sweetie are on your romantic winter vacation.


1. Sunset and Hot Chocolate. It really doesn’t get any more romantic than this: a beautiful sunset, a shared blanket and rich, creamy hot chocolate. Make sure there’s a cozy fire burning and try playing board or card games, reading, or just take pleasure in the opportunity to talk without being interrupted by kids or workmates.


2. A Cozy Cooking Class. A cooking class is not only practical; it can be really fun and romantic. Take a group class or simply book a cooking class for two. Not only will you be learning something together, you will be able to recreate at least one of your romantic winter vacation experiences when you decide to cook the meal together at home.


3. Relaxing Couples’ Massage Treatment. The stress we experience on a daily basis not only wrecks havoc on our personal wellbeing; it totally disturbs the peace of the family home and your relationship with your spouse. A romantic winter vacation can do much to ease the daily stress you and your honey experience back home; however, if you want to up the relaxation ante, make sure to get some spa treatments during your vacation. Reducing stress at the spa will put you in a better frame of mind, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your romantic vacation. If you want to have a relaxing and romantic experience, try a couples’ massage.


4. Check Out the Hot Tourist Destinations. Enjoy being a tourist and check out all of the tourist destinations in your vacation city. Even if you live in North Conway, NH, you can still do this. Plan a semi-“staycation” – stay in North Conway, NH, but book a weekend at a B&B and pretend you’re a tourist. Look at all your town has to offer with fresh eyes. What better way to start off a romantic winter vacation in North Conway, NH?


So Many Romantic Winter Vacation Ideas to Enjoy in North Conway, NH

Do these ideas sound good and doable so far? We’ve only discussed 4 possible romantic winter vacation ideas; we still have 6 more to go. These will be discussed in our next post. Stay tuned!