Mar 2, 2016

10 Date Ideas to Try During Your Next Romantic Winter Vacation – Part II

The cold winter months are upon us. Personally, we are really excited about this time of year. The White Mountains are especially spectacular when capped with snow and there is no better time of year to plan a romantic vacation. Winter in North Conway, NH gives you the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your sweetie and to plan some lovely romantic winter vacation dates.


10 Date Ideas That Will Ensure a Romantic Winter Vacation

We previously discussed 4 date ideas: a cozy evening of watching the sunset and enjoying hot chocolate; a cooking class; checking out the tourist attractions in North Conway, NH; and a relaxing spa experience. Today we will finish our top 10 list of romantic winter vacation date ideas.


6. Take a Cue from Rom-Com Movies and Go Ice Skating. Nearly every romantic comedy set in winter will have a romantic ice skating scene, and for good reason. Being unsteady on your skates is a great excuse to cozy up and hang on to your honey. Plus, ice skating is always fun, whether you’re good at it or not.




7. Play in the Snow. Thoroughly enjoy your romantic winter vacation by getting some snow time. Get bundled up, take a walk, have a snowball fight and make some snow angels. Having fun playtime with your sweetheart is totally romantic!


8. Create the Ultimate Romantic Date Night. Sometimes couples are afraid of doing things that seem romantically cliché. Seriously, though, who cares? Have some fun and get as cliché as you want. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride during your romantic winter vacation.


9. Try an Unexpected Restaurant. Part of the fun and excitement of dating are all the unknowns. After being together for a while, though, things become so familiar that boredom can set in, which is never good. Add some excitement by trying something new. For instance, go to a restaurant that you normally wouldn’t try.


10. Make the Date All About Him. What kinds of things make your guy happy – sports, action movies, games? Focus your date around things he loves to do. He’ll be ecstatic and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing you made your guy happy.


10b. Make the Date All About Her. Alternatively, guys can make their lady feel extra special by planning a date night around her likes. Flowers, champagne, a candlelit dinner – do whatever makes your gal feel special.


The Bernerhoff Inn—Your Romantic Winter Vacation Destination in North Conway, NH

A romantic winter vacation can be even better when you book your getaway at a North Conway, NH bed and breakfast like the Bernerhoff Inn. Our historic building combines the romance of the past with modern amenities. Some of the date ideas we’ve discussed can be done right here as we offer in-house cooking classes and spa treatments. Our staff is very knowledgeable about what to do and where to go in North Conway, NH and can offer some fun and exciting recommendations for your romantic winter vacation. Call us today to schedule your romantic winter vacation.