May 12, 2016

Antiquing – 4 Reasons Why You Should Give It a Try

New England is one of the best places in the US to find antiques. Since the east coast was settled first by our forefathers, you will find some of the oldest antique pieces here. Some people think antiquing is boring and wonder why anyone would want to do that on their vacation. We’re going to explain why people enjoy going to antique shops after a restful night at their NH bed and breakfast, and how you can find diamonds in the rough.


4 Reasons Why People Enjoy Antiquing


1. Nostalgia. One of the main reasons people enjoy antiquing is because they can find items that bring back wonderful memories. They might find toys from their childhood, or a tea set that reminds them of their grandmother. Whatever the case may be, for these shoppers the purpose is not to buy an item and sell it, it’s to be able to own something that brings back great memories.

2. Earn Some Money. Another reason to go antiquing is to find diamonds in the rough. It isn’t uncommon to hear about someone purchasing an item at an antique market, have it appraised and finding out that its value is much higher than expected. Some people are really good at finding such items and end up selling them for a profit, even being able to start a side business through their antiquing excursions.

3. Its Heaven for Collectors. There is yet another group of people who are able to find the diamonds in the rough, but who choose to keep said items. These are the collectors. Whether it is a certain type of toy, China tea sets, vinyl records, first edition books or cute knick-knacks, these folks keep what they buy and display it with pride.

4. It Makes for a Fun Day. Other people like to go antiquing just to look around. They don’t really care to buy anything; they just like the experience. After you wake up from a good night’s sleep at your NH bed and breakfast, head on out to some local antique shops and just browse. Then, go to a nice restaurant for lunch and follow that up with more antiquing or another fun activity before heading back to your NH bed and breakfast for a relaxing evening.

Finding the Diamonds in the Rough during Your Next NH Bed and Breakfast Vacation

If you are interested in purchasing something from an antique shop, make sure to do the following to ensure you get the best bargain for your buck.

  • Ask The Proprietor As Many Questions As Needed.
  • Consult a Guidebook About a Particular Item.
  • Closely Examine the Piece for Quality.
  • Ask About a Return Policy.

Antique Shops and a NH Bed and Breakfast—the Ultimate Relaxing Vacation

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing getaway, head to a NH bed and breakfast. There you can enjoy restful sleep, delicious homemade meals and even rejuvenating spa treatments. Add to that some mellow days spent antiquing and you’re set to have one of the most relaxing vacations ever!