May 7, 2014

Spring has Sprung! Finally & most appreciated....

New buds and brews as well as other Spring changes are showing up around The Bernerhof Inn.

Just as we were about to believe we've entered a year of just 3 seasons, we are blessed with some awesome mild and fragrant air!  Sue and Jim are all over the grounds adding new flowers as well as cleaning up the remnants of last winter's havoc.  YES we did have a front porch under there didn't we?


Along with some dutiful preparations to the arrivals in May and June there are some other new happenings all around.  Not the least of which is our addition of some scrumptious food and beverage options for guests!   We have a menu featuring some pub fare and homemade delictables from lasagna to the newly found popular brussels sprouts.  Having food for our guests who are arriving after a long drive is a perfect remedy to the no-reservations situation commonplace in the Valley's restaurants.  Now good food is just a few steps away instead of another few miles....

We have also just completed re-nesting the bird houses along our Tranquility Trail.  Freshly swept bridges and Holly guided walks are perfect for post-breakfast or pre-sunset respites with nature.  We suggest you stay on the Hemlock Loop and keep an eye out for the springing in teaberries!

New packages are being featured in May and June - Dinner included, Babymoon and Moose Mud packages to name a few.  What's a Babymoon?  It's that pre-3rd family member's arrival getaway.  We included dinner, a $25 gift card at Coach or Carter's to name a few options and a couple's massage!  Katey and her crew offer a fantastic maternity massage that can only be described as heavenly.  Remember, splurging one last time before the family addition joins in the getaways is essential to your sanity!

New colors in our keepsake mugs have shown up as well; cranberry and teal.  Both are providing to be must have souveniers and any guest is welcome to purchase them for a longer rememberence of some special times spent in The White Mountains at our inn.

Inside your guest rooms look for our conservation initiative as well as our new Sleep Sound amenities of night masks and earplugs to really gain some sound sleep from.  Doctors say that a good night's sleep amounts to 25% improvement of your well being and feeling well all day long.  We want to do our part in helping you accomplish that while under our roof!

There's a few tidbits around Spring 2014, stay tuned, we've got a few new Bernerhof Inn Team to introduce with our next entry!

Yours in travel,
Katey and Steve