May 22, 2014

Hide and Go Seek on the Tranquility Trail...

One of the rare times that today's smartphones can unite you with our beautiful environ...


It was almost seven years ago that my brother Ron invited me to learn more about Geocaching....he shared that it was a modern day treasure hunt to find hidden objects and exploration of our great outdoors at the same time.  At that time he was stationed in Hawaii and in the US Air Force.  He described using a GPS locator, cutting edge then, and with the lagitude and longitude specifically shared, one could navigate to a position and find a hidden object purposefully placed as a reward for your orientational efforts!    


Fast forward to today and all smart phones have an app that will not only aid one in their specific Lat and Lon location; but point them to the nearest hidden treasure or Cache.   Thus we have about 2,500,000 worldwide items and in North Conway area alone, some 100 hidden wayfinders and treasures just waiting for the diligent trackers to note their whereabouts.  The protocol for logging in a geocache is to find the hidden box and then write your name and sometimes trade little trinkets with what is in the treasure box.  Be prepared to look in tree logs, under benches even on tree branches for disguised finds!


We love introducing new soon-to-be-friends to The Bernerhof Inn and by inviting any Geocacher to locate our (easy to find) own hidden treasure, we are expecting some 2 to 3 couples a day to enjoy the hunt on our expansive 8 acre property.   There's even a complimentary treat in our box to bring one in and cool off with!  


Coordinates never meant so much; 44 05' 52"N by 71 12' 09"W is where I sit writing tonite's blog however you will have to shift some 25' south to locate the Bernerhof Inn GeoCache!


We invite you to make this nature trek part of your next vacation up.  There are some awesome finds we can attest to on the Covered Bridge, in North Conway in Rotary Park and on Cathedral Ledge to name a few.  We promise not to spoil the surprise and HELP too much but if you hunt down the Artist Falls Road one, expect to reach into some dark logs and trees to locate that challenge!


We thought we would emulate hospitality at it's best and place ours within an easy quest and hope to record visitors from all corners of our small world in doing so!  


Happy GeoCaching and come back soon....



Katey and Steve



PS.  When you begin your pirating hunt on property, you will surely run into our Inn ambassador and greeter Holly - a one year old guide puppy who will probably attempt to distract you from your coordinates with a wet kiss or two.  Be forewarned!