Jun 10, 2014

It's Summer Time in The White Mountains...

The Summer '14 flag is unfurled and hanging just below the Bernerhof Bed and Breakfast Bear...Signs of sprouts, colors and vacation activities are in full swing.


Summer plantings are already popping up and appearing on our Black Bear Pub dishes:  We are talking about our rhubarb, rosemary, basil and parsley to name a few.  Walk through the seven different planting beds at our B&B and you'll be amazed at the flora and greenery we're cultivating.  Jim and Sue are our gardeners who keep the 8 acre property looking so good.  If you don't get outside then you're missing some summer highlights popping up organically right here on property.


We also have a blast planning our summer events such as Bike Week where we set up a Motorcycle Wash Station, open up our grill for your BYOS ( Steaks ) or whatever you want to throw into the cookout mix!  We have ample bike parking but rest assured, self interest exists as the Innkeeper Steve will take the responsibility of touring you on some unpublished rides with you, your bike and his '14 Fatboy in the lead.  This is hard work ya know!  Reservations for Bike Week are filling up but there's room for you to come in and be close enough to Laconia without crowds as well!


We've continued our years of relationship with Attitash and Wildcat by offering their summer ticket programs for our guests, at our reduced costs.  You HAVE to try their new ZipTour which boasts the highest decline in Zip Cord fun on the East Coast.  Get your Alpine Slide, Horseback Riding, EuroBungy discount tickets from us and you'll be at the gates of Attitash Mountain Resort in five minutes - conveniently prepaid and saved up!


Lazy Dog Days of summer DO NOT apply to Holly our Inn puppy.  She will gladly strut you along our curated trail of bridges and labeled trees as her own private 8 acre touring circuit.  Watch her point when spotting wildlife but don't worry, she sits and waits for the straggling guest to keep up and stay on course. We have just given her a great summer grooming and her puppiness is evident in the deerlike energy she's got waiting for you as you approach our Tranquility Trail.


Cool off with Katey's Happy Bear Martini chilled not shaken; Chambourd is one of the ingredients the rest you'll have to find out at our Mahogany Ridge in The Black Bear Pub.  Be sure to visit us for an ice cold Moat Mountain Blueberry Ale or any of 30 New England Micro Brews with your name dripping down the sides!


Need more reasons to plan a summer visit to our Inn?  Text BERNERHOFINN at 22828 for some money saving and INNSIDE deals with our personal email newsletter.


Until you arrive in the near future Stay Cool!