About the Innkeepers


Roberta Beier and Carla Norton, a mother and daughter team, discovered their love for working together in their family kitchen. Together they would experiment with recipes and prepare meals at home for the family and for friends at dinner parties. Over the years these meals became more and more extravagant, eventually evolving into six course feasts for up to thirty people. It was on one of those crazy days in the kitchen, many years ago, that Carla and Roberta realized that they could make a great professional team. 


Roberta’s interest in the food service industry began decades ago when she, as a young girl, wanted to own a bakery and, later, a restaurant.  She worked her way through college as a line cook at EBT Restaurant in Kansas City and continued baking for a living for several years after graduation.  Eventually she shifted careers into finance and accounting and had a successful 25-year career as the chief financial officer for several small business and non-profit organizations. Though she made her living “cooking the books,” so to speak, Roberta never lost her love for cooking and hospitality, often hosting dinner parties and preparing family feasts whenever possible.  Roberta’s outgoing personality and genuine compassion, paired with her passion for entertaining and skills as a chef, lead her naturally into the world of hospitality.


Carla, a lover of travel and adventure, brings a creative flare to the team. Shortly after graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in Fine Arts, she took to the road. Her first landing spot was Narraganset, RI, where she worked as a baker and cake decorator for Sweet Cakes, a local bakery.  This is where she began to refine the baking skills that her mom, Roberta, had passed on to her and where she realized how art and creativity influence food preparation and presentation.  Carla continued her career in the food service side of hospitality, finding seasonal work across the country to feed her hunger for travel and creative expression. Her next gig was as the pastry chef at a 4UR, a Fly Fishing Ranch in Creede, CO.  From there she moved to Vail, CO, and worked for a season as the Assistant Pastry Chef at Game Creek Club, and then for a year as a flower designer at A Secret Garden where she learned the art of flower design.


After 3 seasons in the Rockies, Carla ventured back to the east coast and decided to dig deeper into the hospitality industry. She spent a season on Nantucket Island as the Assistant Manager for two boutique hotels, 21 Broad and 76 Main, managed by Lark Hotels. After that, she moved to southern New Hampshire, where she lived off the grid in a tiny house in the woods, as the Director of Operations for Graylag Cabins, a cabin rental and nature retreat. It was here in NH where she fell in love with the mountains all over again and partnered up with her mom, Roberta, to embark on their dream of operating a B&B together as innkeepers.


Roberta and Carla combine their diverse talents and varied backgrounds to form the dynamic and enthusiastic team behind the Bernerhof Inn Bed and Breakfast.  As outdoor enthusiasts and travelers themselves, both women are excited to bring their love of hospitality to the beautiful White Mountain region. This mother and daughter duo look forward to hosting guests of the Bernerhof Inn Bed and Breakfast, where they hope their fellow adventurers will feel welcome and at home the moment they walk in the door.


Dick Badger dick@badgerrealty.com and his son Matt Badger badgerjm@gmail.com

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